Tracking membership is easier

Help members achieve fitness goals more efficiently while providing them with necessary tools to monitor their progress and make informed recommendations.

Fitness Tracking

Manual and automated activity logging; track steps taken, heart rates calories burned.

Personalized user experience

Custom workout and nutrition plans tailored to a user's fitness level, preferences, and goals (e.g., weight loss/gain, muscle building, regular physical activity).

Training and Education

Meditation, breathing and other mental health exercise in a video, audio or written format.

Tawi Fitness

Track vitals of patients and tailor your service based on the outcome.

Meet the ever-growing demand for easy-to-use, accessible apps that help people maintain physical and mental wellness.

  • Increase customer loyalty and brand visibility.
  • Curate a community of health conscious members, community support.
  • Real-time one-on one video sessions with trainees meditation or nutritionists.