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in one platform

Automation tool for your health workflow processes.

Tawi Health-HMIS

Comprehensive 360° Healthcare solution

Tawi Health HMIS provides integrated solutions that redefines how your healthcare operates. Workflow and automation process, improve the productivity of your team, and reduce administrative burden, allowing staff to spend more time on patient care.

HMIS features

Patient Safety & Quality

Manage patient safety and quality initiatives in one consolidated, secure system.

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Healthcare Administration

All administrative workflow proccess simplified in one platform.

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Billing & Accounting

Account and Finance tracking, with detailed dashboards for visibility.

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Track all your Healthcare assets from different departments.

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Communication & Collaboration

Streamlined communication between patients and staff members.

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Healthcare data security

Multi-security layers to protect data breach. With regular security audits.

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Reduce waiting time and enhance patient care.

By providing staff with accurate and timely patient information. All-in-one hospital or clinic management system.

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