Automate your services using Mobile.

The end-to-end solutions that power modern Doctor-Patient management.

Enjoy Transparency

Manage all your patients in one platform.

Keep Yourself informed

You don't have to learn how to communicate with the app

Stay on the safe side

Schedule your workload on a single click and track your daily tasks.

Benefit from Digital Data

Keep track of patient treatment history, well organized information.

Key Features

Patients Treatment & Medication Management

A convenient remote healthcare way of providing instant Guidance to your patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Track and evaluate patients vitals collected either by connected medical devices or within the platform.

Video Call anywhere!

Schedule online calls to check patients health state & provide instant care instructions.

DigiCare Platform

Digitize your profession with a central view of your patients, Schedule and manage appointments, patients medication and much more!

Give your practice a digital presence

Directly connect with patients.

Manage your practice.

Digitize your practice.

Earn revenue without a clinic set up.

Market your practice.